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Microgreens are vegetable greens (not to be confused with sprouts or shoots) harvested just after the cotyledon leaves have developed (and possibly with one set of true leaves). Microgreens have fully developed cotyledon leaves and usually one pair of very small, partially developed true leaves. Microgreens are grown or purchased by people focused on nutrition, or else are used as both a visual and flavor component, primarily in fine dining restaurants. Unlike most other specialty food crops, microgreens are easy to grow, and can be ready to sell in just ten to twenty days.



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Patriarchs and Prophets Book Cover
Prophets & Kings Book Cover
The Desire of Ages Book Cover
The Acts of the Apostles Book Cover
The Great Controversy Book Cover

~ Special Offer ~
for our Addy, WA Neighbors

If you live on Crosscut Way, Egland Road, Forsland Road, or Grimm Road we would like to offer your family (one set per household only) a FREE Conflict of the Ages book set (5 books). Book descriptions are shown in the box below.

If you are interested in this free offer please contact us and let us know your name and address where we can deliver them to you. There is no obligation other than that you agree to read the books, as time permits. If you choose not to read the books we ask that you please return them to us so we can offer them to others who are willing to read them and who understand their eternal spiritual value.

NOTE: This special offer is only available for our neighbors who live on the Addy, WA roads mentioned above.


Conflict of the Ages Book Set Image

The links below will allow you to download, read, and even listen to the 5 books being offered to our neighbors. Enjoy!

Patriarchs and Prophets Book Cover
Prophets & Kings Book Cover
The Desire of Ages Book Cover
The Acts of the Apostles Book Cover
The Great Controversy Book Cover

This classic set of five volumes spans time from before the earth's beginning to the fulfillment of God's plan for His people.

Volume 1: Patriarchs and Prophets gives the great panorama of human history from the creation of Earth to the reign of Israel's King David. This book shows how the conflict between God and Satan has worked itself out in the lives of men and women in Old Testament times, and gives us clues as to our part in the controversy today. 806 pages.

Volume 2: Prophets and Kings tells the story of Israel from Solomon's glorious reign and ends with the nation's exile and captivity, tracing the history of a chosen people vacillating between allegiance to God and to the gods of the nations around them. Their experiences provide rich lessons of faith and evidences of God's love and providential care. 752 pages.

Volume 3: The Desire of Ages is an all-time bestseller. This book on the life of Christ is without parallel anywhere. Follow Jesus in these pages from His birth in Bethlehem's stable through His life of service, to His death on the cross, His glorious resurrection, and His triumphant return to heaven. And find their significance for your own life. 866 pages.

Volume 4: The Acts of the Apostles gives the vivid, reliable account of the founding of the Christian church. The apostles and early Christian believers were real people, with lessons to learn, and faith to grow. Their one point in common, and the point on which the church grew, was their love and devotion to God. Their story continues in God's people today. 634 pages.

Volume 5: The Great Controversy unveils the often unseen battle between Christ and Satan. Beginning with the destruction of Jerusalem in A.D. 70, and continuing through the Roman Empire, the Dark Ages, the Reformation, and the worldwide religious awakening of the 19th century, this volume traces the conflict into the future, to the second coming of Jesus and the glories of the earth made new. 720 pages.